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Rea Strawhill

A blog about my life with chronic illness

When I first learned about my diagnosis of ME/CFS, I knew nothing about it. I had to find my own way of navigating life with a chronic illness that almost nobody knows. Since then I learned many things that I now want to share with you in this blog. Hopefully some of the things I learned can help you along the way.

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In 2011 my life changed forever. I graduated from Highschool, entered University and I also became very sick. I suffered from an illness called mononucleosis, caused by the infamous Epstein-Barr Virus. 
My life was never the same again, because the illness never really went away. In 2019 I finally got a diagnosis- I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). I heard about it for the first time just a few months prior. It was an illness I have never heard of before and I knew nothing about. 
Since then I learned many things that I now want to share with you. I hope that one day my illness will be known much better and taken far more seriously.

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